The Long Lost Art of Being Nice

When was the last time that you actually did, said or was treated extremely well?  When it happened did you get that tingly feeling of importance, or warm fuzzies?   That feeling, I think is so rare being spread from person to person.  I rather liken it to an animal on the ‘Endagered Species List’, for shame. 

This ‘human race’ has gotten so out of touch with being human, save for all of  our technical advancements that we have lost the art of being nice.  The very notion of having to be nice to a stranger, seems to make person have a full on anxiety attack if they; God forbid have to be nice to someone they don’t know.  How is that?  How did nwe become so dettached from our own human existence that we don’t or can’t relate to another ‘human being’?  Are you kidding me right now?! 


Just the other day I was standing in line at the concession stand at the movies, and overheard the conversation of the couple behind me.  Well the gentlelman, and I use the term very loosely, was explaining to his date of how he’s going to order, for the both of them.  I really didn’t care, however there were people in front of me ordering their snacks for the el cheapo movie, just like everyone else in attendance.  They were having a lively conversation with the clerk, and get this…being nice to one another!  Ha!  Well, Mr. I’m-on-a-date-and-don’t-want-miss the-previews, has a bug in his shorts and proceeds to make it business to yell over me at the attendant for being NICE and doing her job!  He was so adamantly rude, that all within ear-shot had that blank stare, like WTH!?  The young lady that the reference was made to moved it along and took it with a grain of salt, recovered and actually apologize to him and to me, left the line with her snacks with a smile on her face.  How nice of her!


A simple gesture of nicesness to a person that is rude, is so disarming it throughs the person being unice into a tizzie!  They don’t know what to do!  You’ve taken all of the fire out of the dragon !  That’s what happend to Mr. Meanie-pants.  While, we can’t control the weather, other people or the Tea Party; we can control our actions and how we nice we are to one another.  It’s extremely confusing to a person that is exhibiting bad behavior; because they know they’re out of form to encounter the opposite of what they’re exhibiting.  It’s like whoa….wait a minute!  I’m being mean to you, you’re supposed to be mean back.  Oh, no, no, no!!


Being nice is an art.  It’s trait that you get in the begining.  Remember when your mother used to tell you, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all?”  Truer words have never been spoken.  I think mothers had it right.  They are the Queen of niceness.  Always giving little euphanisms of ways to make the world a nicer place. We all came from a mother, so how is it some of us missed those lessons?  Even if one did miss them from good ol’ mom, you know right from wrong, good from bad; those things are innate.  So, how is it we still practice bad behior, or not being nice to one another…..freedom of choice!  So choose to be a nice person and make someon’s day!!….. That is all


Today! Yay, for Today!!!!

This song was played at the conclusion of a friends Memorial Service.  It is so significant in it’s meaning to me and how I relate to this fleeting thing called life!  We go on each day, about our journey without giving credit to our Creator.  Yes folks, we were created!  As a man (human, I mean), I don’t think that we were smart enough to create ourselves.  The Me-Suit only exists in your mind! 

Think about your Brand New Day!!! How will you shape it?  Who will you give the ultimate credit for?  My friend’s brand new day ended, when she died…. Her’s didn’t come.  Wake up people!  Live, be joyous, for what you have Today!!  Because, your Brand New Day may not  come!

That is all….